Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Semester, Old Friends?

Its been two weeks I have started my fifth semester as university student
I have to wait only one semester to finish my study as bachelor of office system student...
This semester, I feel very happy because I've met my old friends back in high school..
Some of them were my close friends and some of them were my ordinary friends.....
To have them in hear really make me remember all those things that had happened for about five years ago...
This feeling is great!
Wish that this friendship will long last!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back to Malay songs!

Its been a while I didn't hear Malay songs..
Yeah, all this time I just play Korean songs whether in car or anywhere, especially MBLAQ songs!
But yesterday, I started to search popular Malay songs in Malaysia and downloaded all those songs...
Its not like I don't like Korean songs anymore, it is just because I am waiting for the release of new songs from my lovely Korean groups, MBLAQ, during their comeback in Japan very soon...
I'm sure all A+ fans do feel the same way..
Can't wait to see their new style and performance for the comeback!
Hopefully they will win the 1st place in Oricon chart for this time!
MBLAQ fighting!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dream or Reality? Which one will be our path of life?

Do you have a dream?
I bet you do.
I do have a dream.
But now, I'm not sure whether or not I will able to achieve my dream.
After what happened along the road that I had taken,
After I fall down when climbing the mountain,
I am not sure about my future anymore.
Well, I did climb up.. but not too high. It's not enough to chase my dream.
Right now, I am thinking on what should I do if its true I can't chase my dream?
Will I still have a bright future even without gain my dream? 
Huh. Reality is really complicated than dream.
We can't predict the future.
We only can keep trying,then leave to God and have a faith of our fate.........
But still, the unsure and unpredictable future make me feel unease............................ -_-