Saturday, January 28, 2012

This time,MBLAQ won with smile..

This year,MBLAQ won MCountdown again!
Its been a while after they won 1st place with songs,named "Y".
This time, they won with smile, no more tear of happiness as they won with "Y".
They do looks really happy and enjoy!
They deserve to win as their new song, It's War brings back their chic idol image..
I do really can feel that its really 100 % MBLAQ as they combine some dance from their previous songs comeback and the concept of their performance just like their comeback with "Y" and their debuted song, "Oh Yeah".
Wish they can win other charts too!

Friday, January 20, 2012

War is End...Oh Yeah!

Finally my war with final exam for this semester really end...
Really tired because recently I have not enough sleep, always stay up to study..
And now, I can rest from study for a month...
But, I only have a week before start my practical at Jabatan Laut Malaysia..
Wish everything will go smoothly....
I bet I must be tired during practical, because I have to drive on my own to go the office and go through with traffic jam for 5 days a week.. -'_-'

I'll stop here.going to cover back my sleep.. ^_^
for my friends, Happy Holiday!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

IT'S WAR,but I cry..T_T

Good morning everyone.
This post is only about MBLAQ COMEBACK!
Last night, I waited for their new song's mv, It's War.
The mv is so GREAT!
REALLY DIFFERENT from their past mv!
if you want to see the mv, just clikc this :MBLAQ-It's War
Below is their new cover album picture

Sunday, January 1, 2012

再见 2011! 欢迎 欢迎 2012!!! (+_*)

 Selamat Tinggal 2011! Selamat Datang 2012!
Goodbye 2011! Welcome 2012!
안녕 2011! 환영 2012!
2011 さようなら! 2012, ようこそ!

Wish 2012 will brings more happiness to me and all of you!
Left behind every sadness things in 2011!
Start a new in this 2012!