Thursday, November 22, 2012

You made my day! (19 & 20 Nov 2012)

I really  felt happy on last Monday,19 Nov 2012..
Wonder why? It is because I met my former housemates Fathie,Min, Prue, Lydia, Adel, Eazy, Ila and my former classmates as that day we were taking cloth for our convocation within two weeks more (counting days). I had small conversation with them, taking pictures with them, had lunch and dinner with them (well not everyone of them). Thanks to my friend, Fathie for her treat for our lunch and thanks to Eazy, for her treat for our dinner.. Truthfully, I felt touched and grateful. (^_^) Best thing ever is, my friend a.k.a. my former roommates, Prue stayed one night in my house. Sharing a room with her again reminds me about our past, especially during our time at hostel. We spend half day together on next day Tuesday,20 Nov 2012 by starting having breakfast and hanging out at Jusco. Even though we spend time not more than 5 hours hanging out on that day, but it felt so great. Everything we did that day had remind me about our time when we used to hanging out with just two of us. For two days, I felt like I was live in the past. But realization hit me. What past is past, we cannot back to that time. Most important is the present and future. Deep in my heart I pray that our friendship will long last even though one day, each of us will have our own family ( Prue already have though ^_^ ). AMIN....

My First Tumblr!

Hye everyone!

Just to announce something....
 I have make a tumblr today (22 Nov 2012) as for Infinite's Jang Dongwoo's birthday!
My tumblr is dedicated to both Infinite Jang Dongwoo and Lee Howon or Hoya!(excited)
My first post is dedicated for Dongwoo's birthday!
The picture has been edit by my younger sister.
Wanna see the picture?
Check out my tumblr Voice of My Heart

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Its already 12pm in South Korea, means today is infinite Jang Dongwoo's birthday!
Wish he will always be happy,  be cheerful, keep his smile, keep his beautiful laugh!

wonder who he is? take a look a the pictures below...i did not own these pictures, credit to the owner..

This is HIM!

and this is INFINITE!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I MISS OUR.............

hum..hello everyone..
its been aloooong time I haven't update my blog..
Well, its because either there is nothing really interesting that happen in my life or I am just lazy to write anything..huhu

Well, this is just a short poem. dedicate to my ex housemates in UiTM..
So, yeah enjoy this poem. (feel free to puke after read this..hohoho)

I miss...
I miss our laughter...
I miss our smile...
I miss our childishness..
I miss our joke...
I miss our conversation...
I miss our concern towards each other...
I miss our arguments...
I miss our pranks during birthday time...
I miss our time studying together...
in class, in house, in library or in anywhere that we had went...
I miss our breakfast,lunch, dinner and supper time..
I miss our hanging out time...
I miss our spending time at home...
I miss everything about us...
Mostly, I MISS EACH OF YOU............

and I know, no matter how much I MISS all these, everything will just remain as a VERY GOOD MEMORIES....

p/s: greasy? touched? (^_^)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Congratulation to them!

Hye everyone.
For this time, I just want to share a happy news!
My housemate and my friend already safely give birth their own first son!
Congratulations to my housemate, Chelsea Markos and her husband and my friend, Hidayah and her husband! (^_^)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Industrial Training World!

Assalammualaikum semua.

Hye everyone.

Finally it is already a month I'm doing my industrial training at this marine department.

I was placed at Enforcement of ISPS code unit..

Really enjoy spending my practical time in here..

I gain a lot of knowledge especially about marine law,x-ray machine and vessels.

This place has a lot of precious moments.

I won't forget the friendship that I build with people here, especially with Anum, Ila and Shamil. (They were also industrial training students).

Especially for Anum and Ila,who are willing to teach me and helped me to complete the task and presentation.

Thanks to Encik Hisham, the head of this unit, my supervisor, En Syamsul Hijri, Kak Fara Dela, En Ariff Ariza, En Burhanuddin, Kak Salini, Kak Yati and En Farid for treated me well, teach me and helped me during my time here.

For Encik Hisham, Encik Syamsul and Encik Burhan, thanks for teaching and guiding  me about this marine department,about my tasks as well as advice about this life.

Insyaallah, I will remember all those knowledge and advice.

Thanks to Human Resource department for accepted me to do industrial training in here and thanks to Puan Salbiah for placed me in ISPS unit. 

Thanks to Kak Ema for always helping me. 

Really grateful to be here. (^_^)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Praise to Allah, Thanks to friends.

That's the only word that I  can say regarding news that I got yesterday.
Feeling touched.
I cried a little bit.
I'm dying for happiness.
Biarpun tak seberapa  hebat berbanding orang lain, tapi impian dan target saya untuk semester lepas telah terlaksana.
Terima kasih kepada semua yang banyak membimbing dan membantu saya.
Terima kasih banyak- banyak kepada semua rakan serumah saya dan rakan sekelas saya yang banyak membantu.
Tanpa bantuan daripada kalian, tidak mungkin impian saya terlaksana.
Kebetulan sewaktu mendapat berita tersebut,saya sedang mendengar lagu Insyaallah nyanyian Maher Zain. 
Terus sebak. Lebih-lebih lagi dua baris lirik dari lagu tersebut.

Turns to Allah, He never far away
Put your trust on him, raise your hand and pray.

Benarlah kata kawan saya dulu, Nor Aliff, sewaktu  kegagalan saya pada semester lepas: kegagalan adalah satu kejayaan yang tertunggak. 
Terima kasih ya Allah
Dengan ini, saya lagi bertekad untuk mendapatkan 'berita' yang lebih baik untuk semester akhir yang akan datang ini. Insyallah.

'Berusaha dan bertawakal, Insyaallah kejayaan akan menyusul"

p/s: thanks to ila and fatie for helping me. =)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

This time,MBLAQ won with smile..

This year,MBLAQ won MCountdown again!
Its been a while after they won 1st place with songs,named "Y".
This time, they won with smile, no more tear of happiness as they won with "Y".
They do looks really happy and enjoy!
They deserve to win as their new song, It's War brings back their chic idol image..
I do really can feel that its really 100 % MBLAQ as they combine some dance from their previous songs comeback and the concept of their performance just like their comeback with "Y" and their debuted song, "Oh Yeah".
Wish they can win other charts too!

Friday, January 20, 2012

War is End...Oh Yeah!

Finally my war with final exam for this semester really end...
Really tired because recently I have not enough sleep, always stay up to study..
And now, I can rest from study for a month...
But, I only have a week before start my practical at Jabatan Laut Malaysia..
Wish everything will go smoothly....
I bet I must be tired during practical, because I have to drive on my own to go the office and go through with traffic jam for 5 days a week.. -'_-'

I'll stop here.going to cover back my sleep.. ^_^
for my friends, Happy Holiday!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

IT'S WAR,but I cry..T_T

Good morning everyone.
This post is only about MBLAQ COMEBACK!
Last night, I waited for their new song's mv, It's War.
The mv is so GREAT!
REALLY DIFFERENT from their past mv!
if you want to see the mv, just clikc this :MBLAQ-It's War
Below is their new cover album picture

Sunday, January 1, 2012

再见 2011! 欢迎 欢迎 2012!!! (+_*)

 Selamat Tinggal 2011! Selamat Datang 2012!
Goodbye 2011! Welcome 2012!
안녕 2011! 환영 2012!
2011 さようなら! 2012, ようこそ!

Wish 2012 will brings more happiness to me and all of you!
Left behind every sadness things in 2011!
Start a new in this 2012!