Sunday, March 28, 2010


On 22 March 2010,my friends and I were joined an activity called as "Road Rush Challenge"..its kinda like explorace.. Ros and I were in una team..We called our group as "Semp0y"..zana,baz,n anyz were form 1 group known as "Noname"..while aliff,min n eiza were form their own group called as"3PM"..

before the race started, we have to follow the dances performed by Chilis Event and malaysia tourism..the dances were known as"Tarian 1 Malaysia"...its really fun even though i can't follow most the steps,but I really enjoy it!after that, we have 'perasmian'n have a breakfast..only then, we started our race..

There were 10 pit stop..
1st-we have to find three color of stones(red,blue n black),one for each color in a cool pool...the task was d0ne by r0s..

2nd-We have to fill in the water into the bottle by using a small spoon..and the challenge was taken by me..

3rd-We have to find RRC flag in every level in our faculty..and I was manage to get the flag at 12th floor..

4th- We have to place the countries flag based on given map..its kinda hard but luckily we managed to finish the tasks..

5th- We have to play sudoku.. i really don't know how to play this game,so the tasks were done by r0s and una..

6th-The most hard pit st0p! We have to fishing the bottle..and our group were the last group that finished the task!all of us tried to take the challenge but the task finally done by Una...

7th-At this pit stop, we played 'simpulan bahasa'Una give the clue to us without speak..R0s and I have t0 guess the answer..its s0 fun!

8th-We have to climb up the "batu caves" stairs at our campus and at the same time count the total flag with different color..

9th-We have to played dart..and this tasks were played by Ros..after that,we have to eat 5 pieces of karipap..una and I finished two pieces of karipap!

10th-We have to finished the puzzles..and f0rtunately, zana was there and gave us the answer..Thanks a lot zana!

The result from the race was................
Sempoy got no 1 from behind(15th place)
Noname got n0 2 from behind(14th place)
3PM got 10th place....

even though our team lost, we still enj0y the event and got hamper to0!
after that, we took pictures..aliff,zana and I were played paint ball..and I really enj0y it!
we also played any indoor games and as a conclusion, RRC Rock!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

~dedicated to late Zarin Syafika~

zarin syafika

it is almost 3 years you left me,left your family,and left everyb0dy..
You have return t0 GOD,
But i can still hear your voice,
just like you are besides me..
I can still remember your characteristics,
the way you walked,
the way you talked,
and everything that i knew about you..

i can still remember our memories,just like it is happen on yesterday.
until now ,the moments when i visited you at ICU ward still keep running in my eyes,
h0w can i forget your response when i whisper "Zarin,its me,mimie.I'm here.So please,be strong and wake up..I'm waiting for you.",there is tear drop from your eyes,that make me believe that you will gonna be 0k..

But I was wrong..
A few days later, you left this world..
It was your time to returned to God

12 December 2006,
you left everything in this world,
you left us behind..

I can only pray to God,
t0 place you in heaven..

-Allahyarhamah Zarin Syafika,damailah dirimu disana...


Besday Aliff!

idea nie adalh idea eazy n adel..nie adlh pic yg diambil smsa menyambut besday aliff,the only guy in our class..
most of the pictures were taken by me..
s0,enj0y !selamat men0nt0n!hahahahaha..........................

JUMBO!!! BESAR PUNYA!!!(indaksi)


tHe ViEw!

-this is the view from our faculty-

blog baru! cerita baru!tempat baru!

1st of all,ak nk ucapkn bebanyak time kaseh for those who are read my blog..
my new blog..
welc0me t0 my w0rld!!
mula2 skali ak nk cter pengalamn 1st ak menjejakkn kaki disini..

mse ak mle2 menjejakkn kaki di sini..
di tempat yg terpencil,di atas bukit yg tggi lagi indah..
ak amat terpana dgn kecantikan alam semula jadinya dan bangunannya..

kemudian ak pergi mendaftar di kolej..
dan skali lg ak terpana..
sumenye spt yg ak idam-idamkn..
blik b'2..
ak sgt2 teruja..

then,ak berkenalan ngan housemates ak..
ila,eazy n balqis(dr uitm dlu),
adel n tia(from sarawak),
fatin n lydia..

mlm 2 ak td0 s0wg2 cz roommate ak,(prue)
blk umah cousin die bcoz of some business..
mle2 2 agk cuak tp disebabkn terlalu keletihan,ak trus td0 xigt dunia..

then esoknye lagi best..
xde elekterik..
dr pg smpi ptg..
s0, ptg 2 hampir 1 kls(1 aras) g jmpe ngan KP dgn baju yg xbergosok..
nsb baikla ak ad bwk selendang hitam,s0 ak pki jew bju kurg yg xbergosok ngn selendang hitam..

next posts ak akn upload pic kat cnie..
s0,sehingga kite berjumpa lagi!
chow chin chow!!!