Monday, November 29, 2010

saya suka pelangi!

kenapa saya suka pelangi?

 sebab die CANTIK...
sebab die WARNA-WARNI...
sebab die SANGAT MENARIK..
sebab die SUSAH DIJUMPAI.....
sebab kemunculan die TAK MEMUDARATKAN...
sebab kemunculan die SELEPAS HUJAN...

dan aku ibaratkan HIDUP INI SEPERTI PELANGI...
kan HUJAN diibaratkan sebagai KESEDIHAN atau KESUSAHAN...
dan PELANGI pula muncul selepas hujan...
cuba kowang tanya diri kowang, adakah kowang teruja tengok pelangi?
berapa ramai kah orang yang tak suka pelangi?
hum sebab tulah aku ibaratkan hidup ini seperti pelangi..
yelah, kebiasaannya selepas kite harungi kesusahan dan keperitan dalam hidup, pasti kita akan temui kebahagiaan kembali...yang kita katakan, hikmah disebalik kesusahan yang telah kita alami...

em tu jelah yang ak nak share untuk kali nie..see ya!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Unknown numbers!

recently, i have got many  miss called from unknown numbers...
and the best part is,  both of my numbers got so many miss called from unknown numbers!
there is one number, text me during i'm watching "Harry Potter and Deathly Hollow: Part 1"..really annoying!
and the best part is, he said that he is one of my old friends and said that i was the one who gave this number to him on our last day at school! the funny thing is, i never knew him and i just using this number since a year ago!
and because i felt annoyed, i just ask him back.."ko cari siapa sebenarnya?" ...
and guess what? he didn't reply back!

i dunno whether they just dial my number for testing, or conspiracy from my haters( do someone hates me?) or my friend...
whatever it is, one thing for sure is, i won't care!
i don't want to know who they are plus not interested on getting know someone from unknown number,got it?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

same statement that killing me softly!

ok. td ak g knduri kesyukuran di rumah nenek sdara ak..
then, makan2..
makan nasi beriani dan kuih-muih..especially kuih apam yg unik, cute dan sedap..

and then, pas makan tuh, cam bese ar borak2..
then kuar satu statement yg sama sejak lahirnye cicit pertama nenek (belah ayah), merangkap cucu pertama bagi mak long dan juga cucu sedara  yang pertama bg ayah aku..
dorang cakap, mak long dah umor 50 da ada sowang cucu...
then dowg tanya, ayah aku bler lagi????
dush! amek ko mimi! jawab jangan tak jawab...
sambil tersenyum, ak jawab, lambat lagi ye..
then nenek sampuk,"jangan lambat sangat along, ayah tuh dah tua,dah sakit..kang tak sempat lak die merasa ada cucu...habis belajar, da dapat kerja, then kahwinlah..."
wah terbaek ar statement nenek!

wahai nenek, duhai ayahanda dan bonda ku sayang, inilah jawapan dari ku yang datang dari hati yang tulus,mulus dan ikhlas..tapi tak terluah dengan kata-kata...

bukanlah diri ini tak berminat nak kahwin...kahwin tuh kan memang fitrah manusia dan sunah Rasullulllah s.a.w..
tapi masalahnye sekarang, cucu dan anakmu ini tak punya sebarang calon pilihan hati..TAKDE!
jd law calon pun takde, camnelah diri ini nak kenalkn 'si dia' kepada kalian...apatah lagi untuk kahwin,betul tak?
jujur, pintu hati diri ini masih belum terbuka untuk sesiapa sebab beberapa bulan dahulu pintu ini pernah dibuka untuk seseorang, tapi orang tuh tak sudi untuk memasuki pintu nie..
hurm...senang2 nanti, law betul lah mahu diri ini kahwin pas kerja nanti tapi diri ini still takde sape2...kalian,terutama bonda dan ayahanda adalah dipersilakan untuk mencarikan calon suami untuk anakmu ini..boleh kan? 

apapun, diri ini masih percaya bahawasanya jodoh setiap insan telah ditetapkan oleh Allah..bezanya,cepat atau lambat saja..

however, this same statement really killing me softly! aish.....


New Layout! New Blog Title!

do you like it or not?
just comment here..
thank you. (*_+)

Friday, November 26, 2010

being near or being far away?

sometimes, i wonder whether being near with our beloved or being far away is the best way???
but now, i think sometimes, keep a distance is the best way..especially when it comes to friendship..
because, if we always being near with each other, the possibility for us to fight with each other is higher than being far away..well, maybe we will argue about something that actually just a small matter but it will become a big issues and will effect our friendship i right?
second, sometimes we might involve in jealousy that sometimes it will give negative impact..
and third, being near does not mean we are close enough..means that, even though we always meet each other for almost of the time, living in same roof but it is useless if we don't have a good relationship...for instance,we rarely approach each other or even give a smile!
or in malay it calls as 'dekat di mata tapi jauh di hati'

so, that is why i think that sometimes, keeping a distance is good for a relationship..
perhaps, being far away make us remember all the memories and we will miss each other..
isn't this way will make us to more love and appreciate each other?
sometimes, people only realize how important a person in their life when they lose that person..
do you want it happens in your relationship?of course not,rite?
then, being far away for a while can make we rethinking about our relationship and at the same time, it will show us why its happen and how to solve it!
pernah dengar pepatah melayu, jauh di mata dekat di hati?

so, to all my lovers and readers, just choose which one is the best for your relationship..this is my opinion..the rest is up to you..see ya!

Changed the format of songs!

ok lah lovers and readers sekalian, ak dah tukar format lagu kpd playlist so that u all can play any songs that you like in playlist and you can stop or pause the songs to watch video on my blog.. most of the songs are from maher zain! hope you all like it!

its warm and cold...

yesterday, i was so happy because early in the morning i've chat on fb with my friend, zera..
we've talked about all things but most of the time, we just 'merepek' with each other..huhu
its really brighten up my life!
and its warm inside...                                   

however rite now (the time i typing this post),
i feel so cold...
don't know why..                                                                 
i feel like there is something ain't right here..
something ain't right inside but  i just can't figure out what is it..
feels empty but not too empty, just a little bit lonely..
feels like wanna cry but can't really cry..                                          
really cold here..
do you have any idea why i have this feeling?                     

Thursday, November 25, 2010

memories of four of us!

this is my friends since my first class on sem 1 in dip at uitm sri iskandar,perak untill now...
zera n ila were also my roommates for 3rd sem or should i say, our last sem in uitm perak?
so enjoy watching this!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

~You are sweet blogger like candy~

actually kwn ak, fatyn shafiq yang introduce ak pasal award nie..
cam die gak, nie 1st time ak dpt award..
thanks to nanie!

ok, for lovers, if you want this award too, you can link this blog..

and here are some of my lovers that i had tag..
hope you girls will enjoy this!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

~ISM 2010 a.k.a. OMB 22C and OMB 33C~

Actually today i would like to introduce my classmates..
They are aliff, zana, prue, adel, tia, eazy, dalila, fathie, lydia, min, una, ros, baz, anis, farah nabila, ieza, balqis, farhana, awana,raja amirah, farrah najwa, fatin, aina amira, aina maddy, shakireen,nabila, hawa, dida, aty, jaida and diela..   
I really love them! I felt that we are kinda bonding with each other(donno if they felt the same thing)..
Since last semester we are close with each other even though we are staying at different houses..
We always taking care each other..
Support each other and praise each other..
and we always help each other..(tak kisah lah pasal assignment kew,study kew or masalah lain)

Below are the pictures that were taken since last semester till this semester.. so enjoy!

 and this is our new classmates for this semester (OMB33C)...
from front: aty, jaida and diela..
(sorry for taking this pic without telling you girls)
-at first, i thought they are 'sombong' but i was wrong.. they are friendly and nice.. diela and aty love to laugh while jaida a little bit serious, she just like baz..(jgn marah ye, nie pendpt sya jer..huhu)
 she is also our new classmate on this semester..
her name is dida..

and this is Shazana Adanan or can call her as Zana..
she love to make fun during class...
her spontaneous actions always make all of us laugh..
one thing that make i adore her is, she always be herself...
sometimes, she like to call me as 'syamimi' which is my full name..and i like it! (+_*)
wish that all of us will always friends forever (no gado2)!
with love,
nur syamimi mohd salim

Monday, November 22, 2010

A day at Institut Jantung Negara (IJN)!

today i really tired..
i wake up at 5 a.m.
do the household and taking care of my cats and kittens
and only then i take bath,pray and get ready to go IJN...
all four of us (mom,dad, me and lil sis) going to IJN..
the reason why we are going there is because my dad had appointment which is to decide whether he need to do another heart operation or not..

We reach there at 7.30 a.m something...
then, my dad had to register first because this is his first time and then do the ERT..
its finished on 9.00 a.m. (if i not mistake) but we have to wait until 2.00 p.m for another process which is scan the heart..only then, my dad will meet the doctor...

Meanwhile, we decided to go around somewhere to have our breakfast including our lunch (2 in 1 okay!)
then we found KFC Restaurant , so we decided to have our breakfast and lunch there..
Then, we went back to IJN and get rest at sitting area..
My dad had get massage from automatic massage machine for 30 minutes which mean to RM10!
and finally my dad do the scanning thing and met the doctor..
at 4 p.m, we going back to our home sweet home...

Thanks to God, my dad does not has to another operation because the medical examination had proof that he is getting better now..Alhamdulilah...
While waiting for my dad at sitting area, I've get known a 'makcik that had to do the operation on tomorrow and also a nine years old child (boy) that also need to operate on tomorrow..he had suffer the heart problem since he was one years old!
I so sad and sympathy to both of them and everyone that faced the heart problem...and at the same time, I pray that Allah will help them and save their life..Amin...
May Allah always give us health to continue our life in this world..Amin...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Please, let me.

I'm begging you.
Please let me live in a fairy tale for a while..
Please let me have a beautiful dream..
Please let me in the world that full of fantasy...
Please, don't stop me.

Please, let me have dream that we will be together,
just like Cinderella and her prince,
just like the Snow White and her charming prince,
just like the Sleeping Beauty princess and her gentle prince,
and just like the Frog Prince with his princess.
Please, let me have dream that my love story will end like them.
Love stories with happy ending....

Just let me live in fairy tale's world for once, 
I'm begging you,please don't stop me..
Cause by  having this dream will make me smile for the future that unknown to us.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

perangai pelik aku!

ok. sebenarnye, aku ada satu perangai yang agak pelik.
tapi taklah pelik sesangat.
perangai nie telah dikenal pasti oleh membe2 dan sahabat2 ku.
nak taw pew perangai pelik ak?

kalau aku marah atau serius biler cakap pasal sesuatu hal, aku akan mula bercakap atau menaip dalam bahasa inggeris!
tak kisah lah facebook kew, e-mail kew, mesej ker..
haa pelik tak?
is it freak to you?
for me, it is quite freak because i'm not good in english.
but, i never give up to improve my english.

poem from mixed songs!

Uh uh oh oh oh
Uh uh oh oh oh
Hey man.
Tell me what were you thinking
What the hell were you saying?
Oh come on now,
Stop! and think about it.
Hey now,
maybe you should just listen,
maybe you should stop talking for a second.
Shut up, listen to me. (alone-avril)

Oh, and the awards for the best liar goes to you
For making me believe that you could be faithful to me
Let‘s hear your speech out
How about a round of applause
A standin’ ovation. (take a bow- rihanna)

So tell me how it feels when you fake it
You nearly ought to hang around
And even if there's nothing left to do
Yea, go on
Let me see you act like the king of truth
Yea, be strong
I'm gonna leave it up to you (orianthi-bad news)

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn,
But that’s alright because I like the way it hurts.
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry,
But that’s alright because I love the way you lie, I love the way you lie.
I love the way you lie. (rihanna-love the way you lie)

You made it so easy to fall I had no fear at all
I saw you beside me you never saw me there at all
I promised you all this
I made plans thinking this was it
But never imagined
I'd find you and lose myself instead
I just never pictured it would end. (believe-orianthi)

Friday, November 19, 2010

hey you!

hey you.
she fucking really loves you.
don't you realize about it?
or you just ignore her feelings?

hey, i'm talking to you.
do you wanna know something?
she knew that the other girls have also had feeling towards you.
and you know what does she felt?
she felt annoy and at the same time, she felt down.
why she felt down?
because she knew that they have more than she had, that she had to live without.

hey you.yes you.
she had decided.
she decided to get over it.
then I ask her, just like that?without any effort?
then she smile and says,yes i'm gonna get over it just like that. i know its gonna be difficult but letting him go is like set me free. for all this time, i feel like i'm being trapped in prison. i can't see the light, i only saw clouds.
i looked at her eyes.
maybe she can pretend to be okay in front of me, but her eyes won't lie.
her eyes looks 'down'.
i knew she hurt and cry inside.
but you  know what?
i support and respect her decision...
wish if i can do the same things, just like her did..
"letting you go is like set me free"..

Thursday, November 18, 2010

this is my housemates in Puncak Alam!

this is my fist time make the video..hope you guys girls hate like it!

Hold My Hand by Maher Zain

this is the lyrics for this background's song..
the song title is "HOLD MY HAND" by Maher Zain..
enjoy it and at the same time, try to understand the meaning of this song!

I hear the flower’s kinda crying loud
The breeze’s sound in sad
Oh no
Tell me when did we become,
So cold and empty inside
Lost a way long time ago
Did we really turn out blind
We don’t see that we keep hurting each other no
All we do is just fight

Now we share the same bright sun,
The same round moon
Why don’t we share the same love
Tell me why not
Life is shorter than most have thought

Hold my hand
There are many ways to do it right
Hold my hand
Turn around and see what we have left behind
Hold my hand my friend
We can save the good spirit of me and you
For another chance
And let’s pray for a beautiful world
A beautiful world I share with you

Children seem like they’ve lost their smile
On the new blooded playgrounds
Oh no
How could we ignore , heartbreaking crying sounds
And we’re still going on
Like nobody really cares
And we just stopped feeling all the pain because
Like it’s a daily basic affair

Now we share the same bright sun,
The same round moon
Why don’t we share the same love
Tell me why not
Life is shorter than most have thought

Hold my hand
There are many ways to do it right
Hold my hand
Turn around and see what we have left behind
Hold my hand my friend
We can save the good spirit of me and you
For another chance
And let’s pray for a beautiful world
A beautiful world I share with you

No matter how far I might be
I’m always gonna be your neighbor
There’s only one small planet where to be
So I’m always gonna be your neighbor
We cannot hide, we can’t deny
That we’re always gonna be neighbors
You’re neighbor, my neighbor
We’re neighbors

So hold my hand
There are many ways to do it right
Hold my hand
Turn around and see what have left behind

So hold my hand
There are many ways to do it right
Hold my hand
Turn around and see what have left behind
Hold my hand my friend
We can save the good spirit of me and you
For another chance
And let’s pray for a beautiful world
A beautiful world I share with you
Artist: Maher Zain
Album: Thank You Allah
Lyrics: Bilal Hajji
Melody: Maher Zain
Arrangement: Maher Zain
Copyright: Awakening Records 2009

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Salam Aidil Adha!

to all of you, Salam Aidil Adha..

actually, I was busy preparing the Rendang for tomorrow..that lead me to forget to wish my friends through sms or fb..
luckily, one of my friend, nor aliff had wish me via sms...his sms reminds me to wish Aidiladha to all my friends..
thanks to him...

ok. for this eid, my mom had cooked rendang (dah jadi kebiasaan bler raya!) but the different is, for this eid, she had made Rendang Itik!
it was her first time made rendang itik..fortunately, it is tasteful.. so delicious!
if you don't believe me, then give it a try!
i can guarantee that you will like it!
nyum nyum nyum (+_*)

owh ye. if you notice, i already change the music background.. i pick this song because i think it is suitable for the meaning of Aidiladha..i'm sorry for not providing the lyrics in this post, maybe later..InsyaAllah..

ok thats all i want to share for today..again, Salam Aidiladha....and Selamat Menjalani dan Menghayati Ibadah Korban!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

she and the passenger...

she drive her car all alone..
she look for a passenger that will accompany her along her journey..
one day, she though that she already found a passenger...
but, in the middle of their journey,she realize that passenger won't accompany her anymore..
she realize that the passenger already has another driver,that he want to be with..
therefore, they separate...
they go on with their own road...
 he with new driver..
while,she drive her car all alone back...........

she cry inside,yet she pretend to be strong...
she continue her journey,looking for another passenger that willing to be with her along in this journey..
she never stop pray....
will she find a passenger???
will there be a passenger that willing to accompany her until the end of this journey???

Sunday, November 7, 2010

~same scenes, same casts but different script....~

when the same scenes replay,
when the same casts playing back their own roles but with different script,
she understand now.......
she understand 'it' clearly....
she know what she should do now...
she know what she has to do now...
and to the casts, she said, "THANK YOU!"

terharu,seronok, dan macam2 lagi..

malam kelmarin, tanggal 5 November aku kol kawan rapat aku, or should i say, one of my best friends too?
ok.let me introduce who he is..he is  Ahmad Sauffi Al-Mubarak b. Azman...
at first, niat aku just nak tanya khabar n nak taw sama ada umah die dilanda banjir ke tak?but then the conversation become more interesting...we talk about the differences about boys and girls, men and women or to make it short, gender differences...
and then, we share about dugaan yang menimpa family kami..rupanya, dulu ada orang telah 'mengenakan' parents die..ak lak, cter psl tyme ayah ak operate jantung..akhirnya, kami uat kesimpulan, waktu tuh, memang kite rasa susah sangat dan rasa cam dah tak leh tanggung musibah or dugaan hidup yang Allah timpakan tyme tuh..tapi akhirnya kami berjaya mengharunginya..
yelah, kan Allah ada berfirman yang Dia tak akan menguji hambaNya melebihi daya dan upaya hambaNya untuk mengharunginya...dan lagu yang sedang berkumandang dalam blog nie,( Insyaallah-Maher Zain) sangat2 menyentuh perasaan kami dan kami akan hiba tiap kali dengar lagu nie,lebih2 bler dengar sorang2..sebab apa???sebab lagu nie ada kaitan dengan perasaan kami tyme ujian hidup yang telah Allah ciptakan terhadap kami,beberapa tahun dahulu..biarpun kisahnya tak sama, tapi tanggungjawab yang kami pikul,adalah sama..aku dan die merupakan anak sulung dalam famili masing2...can u imagine what are we gonna to do if our parents are not around anymore???taw tak tanggungjawab kami terhadap famili sangat berat????

dan yang membuatkan aku lebih terharu, rupa-rupanya dia dan sahabat ku, Mohd Arif Hakimi bin Ahmad sangat sangat sangat memahami aku,dorang jumpa 'blind area' of me..(dah masuk teori Johari Windows lak!)..huhu..dorang taw, yang skunk nie aku lebih cepat emo and touching,compare tyme skola dulu...dan dorang taw, aku akan anggap masalah dorang, akan jadi masalah aku wlaupn sebenarnya  tak..sbb tuh, kadang2 dorang,terutama Arif, akn cuba tak share problem dengan aku..alasannya, tak nak susahkan aku!memang lah aku bengang, but bler pkr lek, terharu pn ada...dorang taw apa yang aku rasa, walaupn aku cuba sorokkan..can u  imagine, only from SMS, they can found out my feeling! pendek citer, aku tak leh tipu dorang,tapi dorang takkan paksa aku story n uat donno jer..dorang akan tunggu utk aku cter..thanks ye! tambah mengharukan, Sauffi sanggup menemani aku membaca Yassin dan juga solat hajat jika ayah aku dimasukkan ke wad sekali lagi! terima kasih yang teramat kawan...

Oh ye, aku rasa Sauffi dah banyak berubah, dia pun akui hakikat tuh...dan aku pun begitu..Alhamdulilah..
aku bersyukur aku dah berubah, dari seorang yang ati batu kepada seorang yang agak sensitif..aku mula peka terhadap perasaan orang sekeliling aku dan mula menyayangi insan2 di sisi aku...Alhamdulilah..
dan aku juga sudah ada prinsip hidup aku sendiri..dan InsyaAllah, aku akan pertahankan...aku sedar, tanpa prinsip hidup, orang akan mudah perlekehkan kita dan kita akan hilang harga diri..dan prinsip hidup aku nie disokong oleh Sauffi..malah die hormat ngan orang yang punya prinsip hidup seperti aku..Terima kasih Sauffi!

buat dua insan nie, terima kasih yang tak terhingga! dan ingin aku luahkan di sini, aku, Nur Syamimi Mohd Salim amat menyanyangi kalian, Mohd Arif Hakimi Ahmad dan Ahmad Sauffi Al-Mubarak Azman! semoga kita bertiga akan kekal sebagai kawan karib dunia dan akhirat! Amin.....