Saturday, March 27, 2010

~dedicated to late Zarin Syafika~

zarin syafika

it is almost 3 years you left me,left your family,and left everyb0dy..
You have return t0 GOD,
But i can still hear your voice,
just like you are besides me..
I can still remember your characteristics,
the way you walked,
the way you talked,
and everything that i knew about you..

i can still remember our memories,just like it is happen on yesterday.
until now ,the moments when i visited you at ICU ward still keep running in my eyes,
h0w can i forget your response when i whisper "Zarin,its me,mimie.I'm here.So please,be strong and wake up..I'm waiting for you.",there is tear drop from your eyes,that make me believe that you will gonna be 0k..

But I was wrong..
A few days later, you left this world..
It was your time to returned to God

12 December 2006,
you left everything in this world,
you left us behind..

I can only pray to God,
t0 place you in heaven..

-Allahyarhamah Zarin Syafika,damailah dirimu disana...


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