Friday, July 22, 2011

Because of MBLAQ!

Because of MBLAQ,I  have done so many things that I haven't done before.
I even sign up as A+ fans,
I started to download any videos relating to them, both their live performance and their variety programs.
I download so many pictures of them and make those pictures as my wallpaper both for my laptop and my hand phone.
I even sign up Twitter account just to follow their account.
I willing to wait for their new song, Monalisa mv to come out on jtune camp youtube official site.
I buy epop magazine and Klik magazine,in hope there will be their poster.
I wish I live in Korea, so that I can do more things for them.
Somehow, I felt a little envy for A+ Korean that had the opportunity to meet them and cheering them during live performance or during fans meeting.
MBLAQ keep fighting! 
I'll cheer you guys from here! (+_*)

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