Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dream or Reality? Which one will be our path of life?

Do you have a dream?
I bet you do.
I do have a dream.
But now, I'm not sure whether or not I will able to achieve my dream.
After what happened along the road that I had taken,
After I fall down when climbing the mountain,
I am not sure about my future anymore.
Well, I did climb up.. but not too high. It's not enough to chase my dream.
Right now, I am thinking on what should I do if its true I can't chase my dream?
Will I still have a bright future even without gain my dream? 
Huh. Reality is really complicated than dream.
We can't predict the future.
We only can keep trying,then leave to God and have a faith of our fate.........
But still, the unsure and unpredictable future make me feel unease............................ -_-

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