Friday, March 2, 2012

Industrial Training World!

Assalammualaikum semua.

Hye everyone.

Finally it is already a month I'm doing my industrial training at this marine department.

I was placed at Enforcement of ISPS code unit..

Really enjoy spending my practical time in here..

I gain a lot of knowledge especially about marine law,x-ray machine and vessels.

This place has a lot of precious moments.

I won't forget the friendship that I build with people here, especially with Anum, Ila and Shamil. (They were also industrial training students).

Especially for Anum and Ila,who are willing to teach me and helped me to complete the task and presentation.

Thanks to Encik Hisham, the head of this unit, my supervisor, En Syamsul Hijri, Kak Fara Dela, En Ariff Ariza, En Burhanuddin, Kak Salini, Kak Yati and En Farid for treated me well, teach me and helped me during my time here.

For Encik Hisham, Encik Syamsul and Encik Burhan, thanks for teaching and guiding  me about this marine department,about my tasks as well as advice about this life.

Insyaallah, I will remember all those knowledge and advice.

Thanks to Human Resource department for accepted me to do industrial training in here and thanks to Puan Salbiah for placed me in ISPS unit. 

Thanks to Kak Ema for always helping me. 

Really grateful to be here. (^_^)

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