Thursday, November 22, 2012

You made my day! (19 & 20 Nov 2012)

I really  felt happy on last Monday,19 Nov 2012..
Wonder why? It is because I met my former housemates Fathie,Min, Prue, Lydia, Adel, Eazy, Ila and my former classmates as that day we were taking cloth for our convocation within two weeks more (counting days). I had small conversation with them, taking pictures with them, had lunch and dinner with them (well not everyone of them). Thanks to my friend, Fathie for her treat for our lunch and thanks to Eazy, for her treat for our dinner.. Truthfully, I felt touched and grateful. (^_^) Best thing ever is, my friend a.k.a. my former roommates, Prue stayed one night in my house. Sharing a room with her again reminds me about our past, especially during our time at hostel. We spend half day together on next day Tuesday,20 Nov 2012 by starting having breakfast and hanging out at Jusco. Even though we spend time not more than 5 hours hanging out on that day, but it felt so great. Everything we did that day had remind me about our time when we used to hanging out with just two of us. For two days, I felt like I was live in the past. But realization hit me. What past is past, we cannot back to that time. Most important is the present and future. Deep in my heart I pray that our friendship will long last even though one day, each of us will have our own family ( Prue already have though ^_^ ). AMIN....

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