Tuesday, January 1, 2013

GOOD BYE all memories in 2012... HELLO 2013!

GOOD BYE 2012!

You left with so many good and sad memories...
One of the awesome moment that I will never forget was my graduation day..so grateful that I finally graduated! everything has been paid off.  ^_^

The most sadly moment which I still can't get over it was my only one grandpa has passed away, only 23 days before this new year.. -,_-, -_-

Anyway, 2012..
Thanks for the memories..
Now its time for me to let go all those memories..
They are my pasts..

HELLO 2013!


Welcome my FUTURE!
Thanks to Allah for still let me breathing on this new year..
I pray that this year will start off well..
Wish this new year will bring something new to me.. A GOOD ONE!
I won't hope too much, just pray that I will get job as soon as possible and pray that everything that will happen in my family and I will go well..

Please be nice to me, no more sad moment okay? Pretty please?

p/s: Wish all of you to get another year that will full with blessing! Insyaallah...

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