Sunday, January 9, 2011

three of us.

last night.not really a night.about 12 a.m., after wished birthday to my dearest friend, sauffi. Then he call me back and we were chat until 5 a.m.haha..So many things that we were talked about. about our life, friends and all the memories that we had before.EVERYTHING. But the best part is about our friendship. ME, ARIF and SAUFFI. Although i only knew them since I was form 5, but three of us are close with each other. I do felt both of them like my big brother and sometimes i felt that they are like my younger brother. In short, I do felt that three of us are just like siblings. Arif  is more close to Sauffi and  I was in between of them.They love to 'buli' me and three of us love to argue with each other.and I always 'kalah'. But who's counting? yeah. I do had crash on Sauffi back then, but now there is no such feeling. I do LOVE and CARE them as much as I love and care about my family. Don't know what will happen to me if our friendship did not last long. oh NO. Even though we had never meet for almost five years, but we are still close together. I pray that this friendship will last long and three of us will always being together. 

always love,

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