Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new semester!

hye are you? are you doing fine recently?
its been three days (including today) i've started my new semester...
and its  been three days i wear the new clothes, hoping that my spirit to study increase.
keep telling myself that i've to change if i don't want to lose again..
and, my dear best friend, sauffi also support me by giving motivate text on yesterday. really appreciate!thanx bro!
and the hot news on this new semester is, goes to the engagement of lydia! =) everyone, including me keep talking about her engagement and some of them keep talking when they are going to get engaged too! hahaha...
my wish for this new semester?
hopefully i can increase back my result and if God willing, i would like to get DL..InsyaAllah..

that's all for today, see u !

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