Monday, April 12, 2010

so sad,cries inside!

today, during english class, bel..
i share a story about you with my classmates and our dear lecturer..
i tell them about your accident..
how i feel when i visit you in ICU ward..
our memories and also how i feel when i got a phone call from anati, about your death..

i try to calm myself, stopping myself from crying..
and i success! so unbelievable!
but they don't know, deep in my heart, i cries.................
i really sad today..
i keep remember you..
and all of sudden, i keep remember all people around me that already die..
all this things
almost make me crazy..

i pray to God to place all of you in heaven..
and i pray..
God, please take my life instead of take my parents and my little sister life!
i can't bear to lose them..
they are so important in my life!
so please, hear me and fulfill it!

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