Thursday, April 7, 2011

for YOU.

YOU. this entry i made special for you.
after our last conversation, even though it was just a small conversation and only through the phone,
its mean a lot to me.
honestly i do REALLY MISS you. 
Miss our old times back in high school.
don't know when we are going to meet again,to have a face to face conversation, to make a joke.
but one thing i want you to know is, 
let other people looks down on you,talking bad about you, you know i got your back.
everyone does made a mistake, we just a NORMAL human being.
we can't turn back the time, but we can make the future better than the past.
we understand the phrase 'let gone be by gone' but they don't.
so just let them be like that.
you want to change.
so, just ignore them and keep moving on.
one day,i believe that you will prove to them that you are aim to be someone and you SUCCESS!
on that time, together we will see how their reaction.
and on that time, i will stand at your back and SMILE.

lastly, be INVISIBLE to them but please be VISIBLE IN MY LIFE cause your appearance means a lot to me as you are my really best friend ever (+_*)

your true friend,
nur syamimi

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