Thursday, September 9, 2010

farewell Ramadhan,welcome Syawal...

today is the last day for fasting in Ramadhan..
tomorrow we will celebrate eid in Syawal..
hopefully all of us will meet Ramadhan for the next years..
hopefully this year will not be our last fasting in Ramadhan..

This Ramadhan, many things had happened to me and my family..
sometimes, I do feel give up and loose hope but then I realize that this is the test from Allah to us..
perhaps, through His test, we will be more close to Him...
I know that life is not only about the happiness,but also sadness.. we will find happiness after we meet the sadness..everything that happened must be a reason that we as a human being cannot think..but Allah do knew what is the best for us..

I wish that this coming month, will make me more strong to continue this life..and I really hope that I will not involve in this "lovey dovey" matters anymore since there is no signs or clues that he do feel the same things that I felt..let fate decided what will happen to us in future..because i know, no matter how hard we tried to get or achieve something, if it is not written that it will belong to us,we still won't get it..if we were meant together, one day we will together..but if we were not meant together,we won't be together in future..

As a human,we can only plan and pray but Allah will decided..because only He knows what is the best for us although we don't like about that things..sometimes,what we think is the best for us,actually it will harm us and sometimes what we think is the worse for us is the best for us..

to my family,friends and readers of my blog, i wish u Salam Aidilfitri and please forgive me for every wrongdoing that I had done to you either directly or indirectly..may this Syawal will bring happiness to us and may we will be able to meet Ramadhan for the next years..

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