Saturday, March 5, 2011

Not a very pleasant week, but really great weekend.

Hye readers.
Right now, my family and I at Melaka for the wedding ceremony. 
However, I still need to study for quiz that is going to be held on this Monday (early morning,okay) and still need to complete the group assignment. 
Actually, this week start with happiness and joy, but those feeling start to fade away because of a conflict. 
With whom? What kind of conflict that arise? 
Lets not talk about it in here, just let the time passing by and brings away the conflict because after all I still love them (all of them) even though their words on that day had hurt me deeply.
 As now, being with my parents and my only little sister, is just a great feeling since its been long time we have not spend our weekend together. 
Can't wait for semester break because this semester break will be long holiday.huhu.
 Hopefully, everything that I have planned for semester break will run smoothly. 
Starting now, I try to look forward to my future and try hard to manage my finance,studies and everything that I have, for my better life in future. 
So readers, one thing I want to advices you is,
money is not everything, but everything in this world really need money to have it.

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