Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm Back.

Assalammualaikum everyone..
sorry for no updates recently..
actually i just recover from the 'pain' and 'heartbroken'
not because of a guy but its because of my result for this semester..
its sooooo BAD!  at first, i really can't accept this!
but then, after been 'lecture' by my bestfriend, sauffi, i can accept this fact..
Thankfully, i pass for all subjects..
and as he said to me, maybe this is the test for me or kinda like a reminder for me, to do better for the future.
maybe my effort does not good enough, and that is why i got this bad result..
i'm so lucky because i have people around me that support me to face this test..
they are him (sauffi), mom and dad, fati, ila, zera, and my elder cousin, bangah...
bangah said that," never mind, we'll try harder for the next semester, don't give up." 
Thanks bangah! really appreciate.
suddenly i just remember that my classmate, aliff had said to me this word
i keep this word and it works! Thanks! (+_*)

and through this hard time, i really need a vacation to getting my mood back and be relax..
and fortunately ,i get my mood back on last night..
last night i  was hang out with my lil sister and my cousins, alif hanafi and his sisters, mira and nina at i-city..
we were taking so many pictures..
and here, i want to share some of the pictures. (+_*)

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