Friday, December 3, 2010

they'll always be in my heart..

ok..i've already introduce my housemates and my close friends at uitm sri iskandar..
and now, i'm going to introduce you my roommates from semester one till second semester in uitm sri iskandar..
i met them on the first day i was at uitm sri iskandar, yeah like i said, they are my roommates!
i still remember how close we were during MMS week.. we always stick with each other..even taking bath at the same time! huhuhu...i really like when final exam comes...know why? because each of us will make our exam time table and put it on our locker...we did that because all of us were taking different doing that, we can remind each other about our final examination! and the best part is, after we finished our final paper, we will make a cross on the timetable to show that FINAL EXAM IS OVER! hahahaha....

 they are: from left, Nur Hazirah Abd Hamid, Haziqah Sudar and Nuratikah Farah Fasihah Mohd Ismail
below are other pictures that were taken from semester one, after 'jamuan raya' enjoy!

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