Friday, November 19, 2010

hey you!

hey you.
she fucking really loves you.
don't you realize about it?
or you just ignore her feelings?

hey, i'm talking to you.
do you wanna know something?
she knew that the other girls have also had feeling towards you.
and you know what does she felt?
she felt annoy and at the same time, she felt down.
why she felt down?
because she knew that they have more than she had, that she had to live without.

hey you.yes you.
she had decided.
she decided to get over it.
then I ask her, just like that?without any effort?
then she smile and says,yes i'm gonna get over it just like that. i know its gonna be difficult but letting him go is like set me free. for all this time, i feel like i'm being trapped in prison. i can't see the light, i only saw clouds.
i looked at her eyes.
maybe she can pretend to be okay in front of me, but her eyes won't lie.
her eyes looks 'down'.
i knew she hurt and cry inside.
but you  know what?
i support and respect her decision...
wish if i can do the same things, just like her did..
"letting you go is like set me free"..

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