Friday, November 26, 2010

being near or being far away?

sometimes, i wonder whether being near with our beloved or being far away is the best way???
but now, i think sometimes, keep a distance is the best way..especially when it comes to friendship..
because, if we always being near with each other, the possibility for us to fight with each other is higher than being far away..well, maybe we will argue about something that actually just a small matter but it will become a big issues and will effect our friendship i right?
second, sometimes we might involve in jealousy that sometimes it will give negative impact..
and third, being near does not mean we are close enough..means that, even though we always meet each other for almost of the time, living in same roof but it is useless if we don't have a good relationship...for instance,we rarely approach each other or even give a smile!
or in malay it calls as 'dekat di mata tapi jauh di hati'

so, that is why i think that sometimes, keeping a distance is good for a relationship..
perhaps, being far away make us remember all the memories and we will miss each other..
isn't this way will make us to more love and appreciate each other?
sometimes, people only realize how important a person in their life when they lose that person..
do you want it happens in your relationship?of course not,rite?
then, being far away for a while can make we rethinking about our relationship and at the same time, it will show us why its happen and how to solve it!
pernah dengar pepatah melayu, jauh di mata dekat di hati?

so, to all my lovers and readers, just choose which one is the best for your relationship..this is my opinion..the rest is up to you..see ya!

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