Sunday, November 28, 2010

Unknown numbers!

recently, i have got many  miss called from unknown numbers...
and the best part is,  both of my numbers got so many miss called from unknown numbers!
there is one number, text me during i'm watching "Harry Potter and Deathly Hollow: Part 1"..really annoying!
and the best part is, he said that he is one of my old friends and said that i was the one who gave this number to him on our last day at school! the funny thing is, i never knew him and i just using this number since a year ago!
and because i felt annoyed, i just ask him back.."ko cari siapa sebenarnya?" ...
and guess what? he didn't reply back!

i dunno whether they just dial my number for testing, or conspiracy from my haters( do someone hates me?) or my friend...
whatever it is, one thing for sure is, i won't care!
i don't want to know who they are plus not interested on getting know someone from unknown number,got it?

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