Tuesday, November 23, 2010

~ISM 2010 a.k.a. OMB 22C and OMB 33C~

Actually today i would like to introduce my classmates..
They are aliff, zana, prue, adel, tia, eazy, dalila, fathie, lydia, min, una, ros, baz, anis, farah nabila, ieza, balqis, farhana, awana,raja amirah, farrah najwa, fatin, aina amira, aina maddy, shakireen,nabila, hawa, dida, aty, jaida and diela..   
I really love them! I felt that we are kinda bonding with each other(donno if they felt the same thing)..
Since last semester we are close with each other even though we are staying at different houses..
We always taking care each other..
Support each other and praise each other..
and we always help each other..(tak kisah lah pasal assignment kew,study kew or masalah lain)

Below are the pictures that were taken since last semester till this semester.. so enjoy!

 and this is our new classmates for this semester (OMB33C)...
from front: aty, jaida and diela..
(sorry for taking this pic without telling you girls)
-at first, i thought they are 'sombong' but i was wrong.. they are friendly and nice.. diela and aty love to laugh while jaida a little bit serious, she just like baz..(jgn marah ye, nie pendpt sya jer..huhu)
 she is also our new classmate on this semester..
her name is dida..

and this is Shazana Adanan or can call her as Zana..
she love to make fun during class...
her spontaneous actions always make all of us laugh..
one thing that make i adore her is, she always be herself...
sometimes, she like to call me as 'syamimi' which is my full name..and i like it! (+_*)
wish that all of us will always friends forever (no gado2)!
with love,
nur syamimi mohd salim

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