Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Am I?

someone said that I was hard to please, difficult to understand and can't take for any jokes because i will always give it away.
my question is, do you think i am someone like that? Am i like that? 
For me, i don't think so. 
you can read whatever i feel through my face because i'm not good enough to hide it from anyone.
 unless if i really can be a good actress on some situation.(sangat prasan!hahaha).
 As for me, its not hard to make me happy, sometimes a simple joke can make me happy or perhaps i will always remember that joke!
yeah.i can get easily mad, but i also can easily cool down.just leave me alone for awhile...
and after that, everything will gonna be okay.
 i love to laugh and easy to laugh even it was just a small joke (not stupid one,k).
 and i love to make jokes(sometimes) because i love to see everyone around me laugh or even just smile! 
i just love to see people around me happy!
 i love to make people happy and being happy! 
maybe after this, i should smile more ( but not too much, afraid that people will think that i am crazy!huhuhu)...
so girls and guys out there, don't forget to smile,laugh and live up your life.
just remember this
 "just sincere with yourself and express yourself!"

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